“It’s rare and is a total game changer when you find a cymbal – even just one – that actually evolves your playing and approach to the drums when you play it. 

Cymbal & Gong are cymbal makers that do exactly that with every instrument they make. 

Each one is crafted to have a uniqueness and personality of its own that enables me as a drummer to ride along with what it gives back to me every time I play, yet their sophistication of sounds blend in perfectly with every type of musical style and live and studio environment that I work in. 

A beautiful combination of old Turkish heritage and a new uncompromising approach to the future, Cymbal & Gong cymbals are what I’ve been looking for a long time.” 


After leaving school at the age of 16 to pursue a career as a jazz session drummer, Pip studied at Drumtech in London under Director Francis Seriau. His mixture of playing styles and multi-instrumental ability lifted his career and by the mid 90’s co-founded his first own band The Pecadiloes alongside his guitar playing twin brother Nick. 

Their blend of angsty guitar noise, Hip Hop breakbeats and energetic live shows quickly gained critical acclaim and soon secured recording deals with A&M and EMI Publishing, resulting in two albums and establishing Pip as a versatile drummer and rounded musician. 

Pip joined The Quireboys in 2003 when the band re-formed. His laid-back groove and musical approach to the drums made him a regular fixture in the band and has been a touring and recording member of the rhythm section ever since. He has also recorded two albums with the band: “Well Oiled’’ and ‘’Homewreckers and Heartbreakers’’.

I’m not a bang-crash-wallop kind of guy, I like to think a drummer should compliment a song and its musical parts, not play along or over it. I guess that makes me an odd fit for Rock n Roll. Then again, maybe I’m old fashioned – which makes me a good fit!” 

Alongside The Quireboys Pip has played with other artists such as James Burton, Albert Lee, Ricky Warwick, Jeff Finlin, T Belly, Long John & The Killer Blues Collective and many more; in 2020 it was announced that he will also be joining legendary rock n rollers The Dirty Strangers.